Thursday, March 10, 2016

匿名便携操作系统tails更新至2.2版 增加对DVDs与DRM支持 更新Tor Browser to 5.5.3 修复WhisperBack可选PGP密钥功能 自动保存KeePassX数据

Privacy for anyone anywhere


New features

  • Add support for viewing DVDs with DRM protection. (#7674)

Upgrades and changes

  • Replace Vidalia, which has been unmaintained for years, with:
    • a system status icon indicating whether Tails is connected to Tor or not,
    • Onion Circuits to display a list of the current Tor circuits and connections.
  • Automatically save the database of KeePassX after every change to prevent data loss when shutting down. (#11147)

  • Update Tor Browser to 5.5.3.

    • Improve Japanese-style glyph display.
  • Upgrade I2P to 0.9.24.

  • Disable the Alt + Shift and Left Shift + Right Shift keyboard shortcuts that used to switch to the next keyboard layout. You can still use Meta + Space to change keyboard layout. (#11042)

Fixed problems

  • Fix optional PGP key feature of WhisperBack. (#11033)

  • Fix saving of WhisperBack report to a file when offline. (#11133)

  • Make Git verify the integrity of transferred objects. (#11107)

For more details, see also our changelog.

Known issues

  • While there is an automatic upgrade from Tails 2.2~rc1 to 2.2, it will not be detected by default since Tails 2.2~rc1 think it already is 2.2 (see the 2.2~rc1 announcement). To fix this, run the following command:

    sudo sed -i 's/^TAILS_VERSION_ID="2.2"$/TAILS_VERSION_ID="2.2~rc1"/' \
        /etc/os-release && \
  • See the current list of known issues.



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