Thursday, March 10, 2016


A cross-platform, open-source and robust website censorship circumvention tool that also maps censorship patterns around the world.

With its split-tunneling feature, Alkasir 2.0 can optimize bandwidth consumption to provide better speed compared to many other circumvention tools.


Alkasir  is the English transliteration of الكاسر, which is the Arabic word for ‘the circumventor’ or ‘the breaker’ as a way to metaphorically signal its main task of breaking through digital firewalls and allowing users access to blocked websites.

It was originally developed by Walid Al-Saqaf, a Yemeni software developer who had been subjected to censorship himself and decided to start a movement to confront and map censorship in the Arab world, which explains the source of its naming.

Today however, Alkasir allows users around the world to circumvent (bypass) censorship of URLs and simultaneously, helps keep track of patterns of URL blocking. It is predominantly used by persons in countries where there is censorship of political content such as news, opinion articles, blog entries, forum discussions, political videos, etc., but can also be used in any other country.

The first version of Alkasir was launched in May 2009 as a Windows close-source application and ever since, it has grown and expanded in its new generation Alkasir 2.0 to become an open-source multi-platform solution that can work on MS Windows, MacOS, and Linux.



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