Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shadowsocks for视窗版客户端(v3.3.6)

  • Refine system proxy mode switching logic, merge ‘Switch to PAC’ and ‘Switch to Global’ into ‘Switch system proxy mode’.
  • Don’t store LogViewer window size in config file, now you can sync config between devices with different resolutions.
  • Add tag support for SS url
  • Add pre-release channel in update checker
  • Bug fixes and improvements

If you encounter any issue, please refer to


Info of Shadowsocks.exe

  • Size: 848896 Bytes
  • MD5: F18A5A0959FF7412D6DA7C8D561F02DE
  • SHA1: 02221FBEDB581D0A2908E3DB5F47F6CD1E188531



via 细节的力量

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